A responsible development project

Onimiki Renewable Energy wants to develop a project that takes into account all environmental, social and economic concerns.

All environmental aspects will be well documented in order to draw up the environmental impact study. This data will ensure that all impacts are known, and that mitigation measures are proposed where necessary.

The main watercourses affected by the project

Gordon Creek

The hydroelectric potential of Gordon Creek has been exploited in the past. The upstream watercourse is made up of several lakes (du Moulin, Tee, Jadot, aux Brochets). The Onimiki project foresees no change in flow levels from the Kipawa dam (approximately 13 cubic metres per second) to the Lumsden dam in Témiscaming. The project will have no impact on water quality.

Downstream of Lumsden dam, the level would be modified to supply the Onimiki South power station. The flow rate will be documented in the impact study.

Lake Kipawa

Lake Kipawa will continue to be managed according to current management agreements. The lake’s water level will therefore remain the same as it is now.

Agreements exist with the Direction générale des barrages (formerly Centre d’expertise hydrique du Québec) to lower the normal level of Lake Kipawa by 40 cm during the lake trout spawning period. This agreement is designed to promote egg survival during the winter tide.

The Direction générale des barrages remains responsible for spill flows to maintain the reservoir management plan, and remains the master of the agreements in force. Onimiki Renewable Energy will comply.

Onimiki Renewable Energy will respect all existing agreements.

Kipawa River

A portion of the flow that flows in the Kipawa River would flow toward Thiriot and Nadeau lakes toward the Onimiki North power plant.

An instream flow would be maintained in the river, to be defined according to the ecological, aesthetic and territorial needs. This will be defined in consultation with the community. Onimiki Renewable Energy will also document the different flows of the Grande Chute.

The effects of the proposed change will be clearly stated in the impact study.

Thiriot and Nadeau lakes

The development of the Onimiki North power plant calls for Nadeau and Thiriot lakes to be linked together to convey water. Some areas will be partially exposed. The project will not result in any major flooding. Small streams also flow through the area, and instream flows will be defined for the affected watercourses. Environmental inventories will be carried out in2024 to gather reliable data on which to build.

Several themes will be addressed in the impact study.

Project development must be consistent with all local activities (tourism, recreation, sports, etc.) and maintaining the region's biodiversity.

Some examples of topics to be studied:

  • Water quality
  • Wildlife
  • Flore
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Human environment
  • Impacts des changements climatiques