Economic Development

Economie Development

The project would represent a total investment of approximately $200M.

Economic impacts for the region during construction.

The Onimiki mini-hydro project would diversify and revitalize the economy of Temiscamingue. Its economic leverage effect would attract businesses that would create good paying and sustainable jobs.

The revenues generated could also be used to implement social development projects with the communities. For example, building elders’ residences for First Nations or offering more resources to youth and elders.

Post-operation benefits

  • The stability of the green energy supply would allow new businesses to come and settle in the region.
  • Citizens of the region would no longer have to go back to Ontario because of frequent power outages, as is currently the case

A plus for the communities

With the economic spin-offs it would generate, the Onimiki project would be an important socio-economic development lever for First Nations and non-First Nations communities in Temiscamingue, and would thus help to revitalize and diversify their economy.

Preliminary assessments  allow us to estimate that this mini-power plant would generate net revenues from the first year of operation. This money could be used to implement economic, social and environmental development projects such as creating jobs by attracting businesses to the region, building schools and long-term care units for First Nations, offering more resources to our youth and elders or supporting innovative measures to deal with climate change.