Partners of the Project

Work together to give ourselves a powerful lever of economic development

The Onimiki project is a community partnership that is aligned with the Quebec Government’s 2030 Energy Policy and strengthens ties between several communities in the region (Indigenous and non-Indigenous). The policy mentions that:

“The government of Quebec intends to support the development of community partnerships. To do so, it is committed to analyzing them in order to grant the hydraulic power required for these projects. The promoters will have to make sure that their project respects the highest standards of environmental and social acceptability, in addition to generating economic benefits for local and First Nations populations.”

The First Nation communities of Kebaowek, Wolf Lake and the MRC of Témiscamingue are partners in this community project. The goal that unites them is the vision to develop a promising project that will both benefit the First Nations, as well as all citizens of the MRC of Témiscamingue.