Québec Government’s 2030 Energy Policy

The Onimiki project is a community partnership that is aligned with Quebec’s 2030 energy policy. This policy has the following objectives:

  • To favor a low-carbon economy
  • To enhance energy resources in an optimal way
  • To encourage responsible consumption
  • To take full advantage of the potential for energy efficiency
  • To stimulate the technical and social innovation chain

With the adoption of this policy in April 2016, it was specified that, “By supporting large-scale renewable electricity production as well as innovation in the sector of green energy, (…) The Energy policy 2030 will act as a decisive lever for industrial investors, in particular in the sectors who rely on important and reliable supplies of electricity.” Source : The 2030, Quebec Government’s Energy Policy, page 21

The policy also favors the use of mini-power plants, such as those planned as part of the Onimiki project:

“The operation of hydroelectric mini-power plants creates an important lever for economic development within the local and First Nations communities. The government of Quebec intends to support the development of community partnerships. To do so, it makes a commitment to analyze them in order to grant the hydraulic power required for these projects. The promoters will have to make sure that their project respects the highest environmental and social standards, in addition to generating economic advantages for the local and First Nations populations.” Source : The 2030, Quebec Government’s Energy Policy, page 51