Description of the Onimiki project

Onimiki is a project of hydroelectric mini-power plants that will generate substantial economic benefits. It is a quality community project led by the First Nations communities of Kebaowek and Wolf Lake, as well as the MRC of Temiscamingue. It adheres to the highest standards of environmental protection and social acceptability.

The Onimiki project represents an investment of $190 M. The construction will last two years and generate more than 200 jobs in the region. An independent evaluation estimated that the project will produce net incomes of $1,880 M for the First Nations and the MRC within the first year.

The mini-power plants will have a capacity of 42 MW. The first to be built (Onimiki 1, 37 MW capacity), will be located on the edge of the river Outaouais, 800 meters north of the former Gatineau Power Plant. The second, more modest (Onimiki 2, 5 MW capacity), will be built at the exit of Lake Tee.

Onimiki will address market needs for renewable energy and offer additional opportunities for the future based on the proximity of the project to Ontario.

Onimiki also fits within the Quebec government’s 2030 energy policy and strengthens ties between communities of the region.

Onimiki is one of the most easily achievable hydroelectric projects in Quebec at the moment:

  • The technical studies are already completed.
  • Only a final update is required, reducing the time needed to finalize the project.
  • The hydric basin is already controlled.
  • The site is easily accessible.
  • The main technical challenge is building a 1,620 meter-long water intake channel and tunnel up to the main power plant.
  • This technique is already well-mastered.
  • Construction can be achieved without negative impact on the population because it is situated in a non-inhabited zone.
  • The visual impact will be minimal.

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