Description of the Onimiki project

Onimiki is a mini hydroelectric project that would generate significant economic benefits. It is a quality community project that is supported by the First Nations communities of Kebaowek, Wolf Lake and Pekuakamiulnuatsh as well as by the MRC of Témiscamingue.

The Onimiki project would include two mini-hydro plants and would represent an investment of approximately $200 million. Its construction is expected to last 2 years and would create more jobs in the region during construction. A significant proportion of these benefits would be accrued to local communities.  The mini-hydro plants would have a capacity of 42 MW, with the first plant (Ominiki 1) having a capacity of 37 MW and located on the Ottawa River. The second plant (Ominiki 2) with a capacity of 5 MW would be built at the outlet of Tee Lake.

The development for hydroelectric purposes of the sector would benefit from several assets, notably

  • The presence of existing structures in the Gordon Creek area, known for its favourable conditions for hydroelectric development;
  • The current management of the Kipawa reservoir makes it possible to sustain the available flow from December to March and thus the energy production, without modifying the water level management plan. This feature makes this project a rare case where renewable energy production can be guaranteed during the winter peak demand of the Hydro-Quebec network;
  • The proposed facilities are accessible from existing roads;
  • The proposed power plants are located near the Hydro-Quebec network, facilitating direct connection to the network.

The project is under development. As part of the preparation of this study, the partners are committed to launching a voluntary and structured consultation process aimed at informing the local communities and, above all, considering the concerns raised in the studies and the final definition of the project.